Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Even though the results were very disappointing, I had the opportunity this year to meet thousands of people. I was touched by how concerned our district is about education and corruption. I offer a reform plan that I believe could have made a difference in Louisiana. In the beginning of our journey I vowed to keep a clean campaign, and I was the only candidate who kept their promise. I don't believe in a campaign that offers negative attacks, I believe in a campaign that offers a positive plan. I believe that I ran a clean, efficient campaign. The results were not as I hoped for, but I will continue my work in other areas. I would like to thank my hardworking volunteers, my children (Isabella, Elise, Nadia, and Ben), my husband, and my grandchildren. I enjoyed everyone I met, and remember you all know where to find me and no matter what I am here in Acadia Parish!
Isabella delaHoussaye

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