Saturday, October 6, 2007

Isabella delaHoussaye's Bio.

Delahoussaye, Crowley’s first female and Republican mayor, left a legacy of many significant accomplishments. As part of her expansion program, Mayor Delahoussaye secured funding for lighting at Exits 80 and 82 on Interstate 10 and the service road on the north side of I-10 and managed major drainage improvements for the city, and the restructuring of West Hutchinson Avenue into a state of the art boulevard, while also resurfacing all of Crowley’s city streets. Mayor Delahoussaye supervised the expansion, renovation, and beautification of a number of buildings in the city of Crowley including the complete restoration of the historic Miller Stadium, the total restoration of the Rice Theater, the expansion of programs and facilities at the Recreation Center, and the purchase and remodeling of the J. D. Miller building (historic Crowley Motor Co.) to house the new City Hall and museums. In addition, under her supervision, the city of Crowley partnered with the Chamber of Commerce to establish the Enterprise Center as a business incubator for new and emerging companies. On a lighter note, she was instrumental in beginning two major Crowley festivals, Carnival D’Acadie and July Fete. While she was Mayor, the city of Crowley was recertified as a Tree City USA, a certified Main Street Community, a certified Retirement Community, and, when it attained its ISO certification, became the first city in the country (and second in the world) to be ISO 9001 certified. During Mayor Delahoussayes’ terms the city underwent the largest expansion and period of economic development in its history. Council members who served during her three terms were James M. Buatt, J. Elliot Dore, Tiger Istre, Vernon Martin, Mary T. Melancon, Laurita D. Pete, Woody Marceaux, Steven C. Premeaux, Ira Thomas, Greg Jones, Willy Clement, Jerry Harmon and Harry Fuselier.